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Storm Water: It’s Electrifying


We are expecting a storm this afternoon, possibly late and into the evening and it should be a good one as it’s been 30-40 degrees all week!  I thought this might be a good time to put down my thoughts on collecting rain water for witchy type uses.  I’m not quite sure what type of rain will be falling today, but it doesn’t take much to put out a few water containers to collect just in case.  If it turns out to be water I already have plenty of, I can water the plants with it or cleanse some tools.

What I am hoping to collect today is rain from a thunderstorm as it is said to retain the energy of the storm aiding your spell work, practice or intent with extra “juice”, especially for spells of empowerment.  If I happen to stumble upon some hail that would be great to collect as well…  Hopefully just not on the hood of my vehicles or trampled all over my garden :).

I found a couple fab articles on the internet about the use of rain water in witchcraft:



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My Very First Blog Post

Well Hello

Greetings to anyone that happens to have stumbled upon my magical little corner!  As stated in my “About Me Page“, my beautiful latched, gold lined Book of Shadows is being neglected in the shelf with only a few pages complete for the simple reason that I just prefer to type rather than to handwrite.

I plan to use this blog to work out my thoughts and learn more on magical topics, record spells, store recipes and keep my witchy contacts organized such as:

  • Blogs I like to visit
  • YouTube Channels I frequent
  • Supply Shops
  • Whatever else I find to be super important 🙂

Why “Magic In The Hat”?

One might assume that I am making reference to a witches hat, but actually it is a hint to my location.  I live in sunny Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada which is a small-ish sized city with a population of just over 63,000 residents.  We do have a very cool and gigantic teepee, however I have yet to hear of a local coven.  Of course just because I haven’t heard of one, doesn’t mean it’s not there!

Photo by Ken Eckert