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Hmmph… The Storm Went Around Us

Well, the storm went around us, so all that excitement over storm water was all for not *sighs*, but at least it inspired me to learn more about the use of rain water and I’ll be ready next time.

I have read that there are some spells you can do to call upon the rain, however I’m not sure I believe one can change the weather with a wish.  I suppose if you are really desperate you could give it a try and well.. it beats sitting around tapping your fingernails waiting for it.

Calling Upon The Rain

In past times, witches were said to invoke rain by the following practices:

  • Casting flint stones behind their backs towards the west.
  • Stirring water with their fingers in ground holes.
  • Tossing sand into the air.

A Herbal Calling

There are tons and tons of different ways to call the rain, however I tend to lean towards the use of herbs and oils, so these ones appealed to me.

  1.  Burning heather with fern outdoors. (and henbane…  if you can find it? I haven’t seen any).
  2.  Making a tea with heather and fern, using the tea to water the ground outside.

I’m off to collect some fern from my garden!  It’s so exciting when I learn I can add a new ingredient to my cupboard, especially if it’s right here in my very own yard!


Useful Articles on the subject:

Traditional Weather Witching By Otherworld Apothecary – Very informative.

Make it Rain Spell by Sherunjhaye – I thought this was a nice spell.