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What Is The Difference? Magick Or Magic

Good to know! Makes me wish I had named my blog Magick In The Hat instead lol.


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Eat Your Lavender

Yes!  This is a Thing!

As I was at the market the other day, I came across a new yogurt flavour by Liberte…  I fell in love.  LAVENDER?!  YES please :).

It has just a hint of lavender flavour so it’s not too floral and a bit of vanilla sweetens it up just the right amount.  Their website and the container say that it’s a limited flavour… so I am sure it won’t be around very long – but you know what they say… better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

That’s all…  Just YUM

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TipToeChick – OMG!

Jumping up and down!

I think I just jumped up and down in my computer chair!  About a year ago, I found TipToeChick on YouTube and I watched every single video.   I loved her down to earth, entertaining videos that shed witchcraft in a positive and realistic light.

Dee is SO full of witchy/herbal knowledge that I watched, and re-watched her upload list until I got to the end and realized that she hadn’t been actively uploading for a while and those were older videos…  Imagine my sadness to consider that there would be no more.  I would check back periodically to see if there were any new uploads, but there was nothing new…  Just more people commenting to COME BACK!

Imagine my surprise when…

Today…  I checked again and O M G – She’s back with her signature “Hey Tubies!”.  I am supposed to be washing and packing for the upcoming trip, but..  I’m soooo watching the new videos instead :D.

You can find the link to her youtube uploads [HERE] or find it in the menu on the right hand side of this blog.

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Holy Henbane

In my last blog entry regarding spells requiring Henbane and the note that I hadn’t seen any locally I got to thinking that I should find out what it is that I am missing out on, so I did a little investigating and learned that Henbane is nothing to mess with and in fact can be very dangerous!

It is found here in Medicine Hat apparently, but is known as a dangerous noxious weed that is not only capable of causing illness and death when ingested by animals or humans, but is also a contact irritant so you don’t want to be handling it without gloves either.

It makes a name for itself alright

Henbane is known by several names but it’s three most commonly used names are:

  1. Black Henbane
  2. Devil’s-eye
  3. Stinking Nightshade

Seriously… with names like that, one should know to take heed!

You don’t have to take it from me…

The video below by Shaw TV explains its dangers, and gives a really nice visual example of what to look for (and avoid!!) in your garden.


This video is a big reminder to be very careful when working with herbs and plants you are unfamiliar with.

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Hmmph… The Storm Went Around Us

Well, the storm went around us, so all that excitement over storm water was all for not *sighs*, but at least it inspired me to learn more about the use of rain water and I’ll be ready next time.

I have read that there are some spells you can do to call upon the rain, however I’m not sure I believe one can change the weather with a wish.  I suppose if you are really desperate you could give it a try and well.. it beats sitting around tapping your fingernails waiting for it.

Calling Upon The Rain

In past times, witches were said to invoke rain by the following practices:

  • Casting flint stones behind their backs towards the west.
  • Stirring water with their fingers in ground holes.
  • Tossing sand into the air.

A Herbal Calling

There are tons and tons of different ways to call the rain, however I tend to lean towards the use of herbs and oils, so these ones appealed to me.

  1.  Burning heather with fern outdoors. (and henbane…  if you can find it? I haven’t seen any).
  2.  Making a tea with heather and fern, using the tea to water the ground outside.

I’m off to collect some fern from my garden!  It’s so exciting when I learn I can add a new ingredient to my cupboard, especially if it’s right here in my very own yard!


Useful Articles on the subject:

Traditional Weather Witching By Otherworld Apothecary – Very informative.

Make it Rain Spell by Sherunjhaye – I thought this was a nice spell.


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Storm Water: It’s Electrifying


We are expecting a storm this afternoon, possibly late and into the evening and it should be a good one as it’s been 30-40 degrees all week!  I thought this might be a good time to put down my thoughts on collecting rain water for witchy type uses.  I’m not quite sure what type of rain will be falling today, but it doesn’t take much to put out a few water containers to collect just in case.  If it turns out to be water I already have plenty of, I can water the plants with it or cleanse some tools.

What I am hoping to collect today is rain from a thunderstorm as it is said to retain the energy of the storm aiding your spell work, practice or intent with extra “juice”, especially for spells of empowerment.  If I happen to stumble upon some hail that would be great to collect as well…  Hopefully just not on the hood of my vehicles or trampled all over my garden :).

I found a couple fab articles on the internet about the use of rain water in witchcraft: