Magic In The Hat

Theres a little witch in every woman… ~ Practical Magic

About Me

Hey there!  I am not really sure where to start on this about me page because I am still learning about my ever changing self, even into my forties!  I can’t quite seem to commit myself to one label or another, so I suppose I call myself a solitary eclectic witch, taking a pinch of sugar from one belief and a dash of salt from another to create what works for me.  One word that I can settle on is “witch”, for the simple reason that I love to craft with intent using natural tools (and sometimes a little sparkly glitter).

I have created this blog, pretty much for myself as a way to document the things that I have learned and continue to learn, as I prefer to type, rather than to hand write in my book of shadows.  It literally has three pages done…  Maybe one day I’ll print out all of the blog entries and paste them in.  Ooo I know some witches that would frown upon that… but in the end, we all need to do what feels right and works for us on a personal level.

Happy crafting 😀