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Netflix Documentary: Witches: A Century of Murder

Witches: A Century of Murder

My daughter and I were flipping through Netflix last night and came across an interesting witchy two part documentary series called Witches: A Century of Murder, where Dr Suzannah Lipscomb (who has the most fantastic hair!) goes on a quest for root knowledge of the mass witch hunts that infested the British Isles four centuries ago.

It didn’t start in Salem?

I was surprised to learn that the horrifying and unjust witch hunts actually began in Denmark and Scotland long before the more known “Salem Witch Trials”.

Here’s a trailer to tempt you!  It was very informative!


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The Near Witch

A Quick Witchy Read

The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab is a great little witchy book that came out in 2011.  I had picked up a hardcover copy of this book a couple years back in a used book store in Penticton, but hadn’t picked it up to read until my recent summer trip to BC.  It is probably geared towards teens, but sometimes on vacation when I am looking for a light read, it’s my go-to section for a great selection of supernatural fiction.  I flew through the quick read, enjoying the story revolving around witches in the small town of Near.

FREE Prequel Novella

As a little bonus, there is a free prequel novella written to celebrate the paperback release of The Near Witch called “The Ash-Born Boy” which you can find [HERE].  I haven’t had a chance to read the free prequel yet (or anything else written by Victoria Schwab), but I am looking forward to it!


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Eat Your Lavender

Yes!  This is a Thing!

As I was at the market the other day, I came across a new yogurt flavour by Liberte…  I fell in love.  LAVENDER?!  YES please :).

It has just a hint of lavender flavour so it’s not too floral and a bit of vanilla sweetens it up just the right amount.  Their website and the container say that it’s a limited flavour… so I am sure it won’t be around very long – but you know what they say… better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

That’s all…  Just YUM

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TipToeChick – OMG!

Jumping up and down!

I think I just jumped up and down in my computer chair!  About a year ago, I found TipToeChick on YouTube and I watched every single video.   I loved her down to earth, entertaining videos that shed witchcraft in a positive and realistic light.

Dee is SO full of witchy/herbal knowledge that I watched, and re-watched her upload list until I got to the end and realized that she hadn’t been actively uploading for a while and those were older videos…  Imagine my sadness to consider that there would be no more.  I would check back periodically to see if there were any new uploads, but there was nothing new…  Just more people commenting to COME BACK!

Imagine my surprise when…

Today…  I checked again and O M G – She’s back with her signature “Hey Tubies!”.  I am supposed to be washing and packing for the upcoming trip, but..  I’m soooo watching the new videos instead :D.

You can find the link to her youtube uploads [HERE] or find it in the menu on the right hand side of this blog.

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Take Along Safe Travels Spell Bottle

On The Road Again…

My family and I are headed out for a summer R&R trip to BC soon, so I have put together a spell for safe travel that I can take along with me.   I have included sea salt, orange peel, lavender petals, sage powder and white rose petals – all pretty common, readily available witches cupboard herbs.

Forgetting The Ginger

Sage was included to banish negativity, sea salt for protection to and fro, lavender for a relaxing and harmonious trip and orange peel for happiness.  Now I almost used ginger in this spell to add a little adventure, but then had second thoughts about what I was wishing for…  Our family vacation adventures can be adventurous in unwelcome ways, such as vehicle breakdowns, having our watercraft stolen or reservation mishaps, so on this trip I thought a nice predictable happy and relaxing trip was what we were really intending!  The added white rose petals at the top will represent each of the journey participants.

What You’ll Need:

  • A jar or bottle with a lid
  • Blue candle
  • Sea Salt
  • Orange Peel
  • Lavender
  • Sage
  • White Rose Petals
  • (optional) paper and pen to write, ribbon or string

Safe Travel Spell Instructions:

  1. Collect all of your ingredients.
  2. Light a blue candle.
  3. Cleanse your jar over the flame.
  4. As you pour each layer, recite a line.
  5. Add the rose petals to the top.
  6. Seal with blue wax from your candle.
  7. Keep with you as you travel and enjoy your trip.
  8. (optional) Write out the incantation and attach it to the jar with a ribbon or string or put it in the jar before your ingredients (that’s what I do).

Jar Ingredients Layered:

  • Sea Salt – protection
  • Orange Peel – happiness
  • Lavender – harmony & relaxation
  • Sage – to banish negativity
  • White Rose Petal for each traveller


By the shining light of lady moon

I reach my destination soon

The trip shall safe and merry be

For all concerned as well as me


ETA:  Put it in a baggie if you are going to a hot location because the wax seal will melt…  everywhere.

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Essential Oil Blend: Congestion & Cough

It’s Christmas in July

My daughter is coughing up a lung with some kind of an upper respiratory infection.  Along with her medication from the doctor, I made her a little blend in the oil burner that seemed to open up the airways along with the cool steam vapourizer, not to mention make her smile because it smelled refreshing and a bit like Christmas.


For congestion and cough – burn the following blend in an oil burner

  • 15 drops Eucalyptus
  • 5 drops Pine
  • 3 drops Frankincense